Wise - Amethyst - Sea Turtle
Wise - Amethyst - Sea Turtle
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Wise - Amethyst - Sea Turtle

The Card Reads:

Sea turtles often live to be very old, and they carry an ancient mystic aura about them. They are the old wise woman/man of the sea. They are gentle and glide through deep waters, filled with the wisdom of ages within them. Your experiences in this life, as hard as they maybe carry so much wisdom within them. Adversity carries its own blessings, and you have been blessed with this burden. Amethyst is a powerful spiritual stone that serves as a channel to receiving messages from Spirit, to help us heal.


Polymer Clay Pendant (diameter .75 inches)

Delicate 14/20 Gold Filled Cable Chain 1.2mm 

Light Amethyst 8mm

Gold Sea Turtle Charm

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