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Simple - There is Beauty in the Ordinary - Yellow Calcite

$ 30.00


The Card Reads:

Some of us just live a simple life, and there is so much beauty in that. Simple acts of kindness towards others and yourself is a beautiful thing. It’s the small things, like taking our usual route to work or school, seeing your coworkers and fellow peers, or knowing your kids are safe at home. It’s the routine, the ordinary that brings stability to our life. If you are struggling right now, pay attention to the things in your life that are routine and ordinary because it’s a constant that you can hold onto. Yellow calcite is the stone for gentleness and comfort, and if you feel like you are failing at life because you are not known for something, then you are mistaken. You are succeeding because you are still here; still alive and breathing with the rest of us.


Sky Blue Polymer Clay Pendant (diameter 1.25 inches)

Delicate 14/20 Gold Filled Cable Chain 1.2mm 

Yellow Calcite 8mm