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Rose Quartz, Aventurine & Lepidolite Mala - Healing

$ 65.00

This two toned mala is so gentle, it is perfect for those who are needing comfort, love and support.

Rose Quartz: Is a comforting stone and the ultimate stone for self-care and self-love.

Aventurine: A gentle healing stone for soothing symptoms of depression and sadness.

Lepidolite: Helps to ease into transitions when one is going through life changes. Also eases symptoms of depression and deep sadness.

Each of our malas are handmade with natural silk thread and handmade silk tassels.

Great care, love and intention go into each of our malas, because we want our customers to receive these precious tools for meditation, manifestation and healing with nothing but the best energy.

Each mala is steamed with essential oils then saged, before being sent off to their beloved owners.

108 Beads + Guru Bead

Natural Silk Thread

Rose Quartz 8mm

Aventurine 8mm

Raw Rose Quartz 9 -10 mm

Handmade Dusty Rose Pink Tassel