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Respect - Stop Apologizing - Tigers Eye

$ 30.00


The Card Reads:

When we apologize for something we didn’t do, we punish ourselves unjustly. Slowly overtime we eventually just start to feel like we are the bad ones, we can’t do anything right, an inconvenience or we are a difficult person to deal with so we should apologize for our mere existence. We allow others to make us feel bad for being a human being. Apologize when it’s appropriate, but be discerning. Be okay with that awkward moment of silence when you are at a standstill with someone. When you don’t let your guard down, you will be surprised at how much stronger you feel. Tigers eye is the stone for courage. For individuals like us, who feel like we are a mistake, finally not apologizing for every little thing will return a sense of strength and respect for yourself you didn’t know you had.


Dark Blue Polymer Clay Pendant (diameter 1.25 inches)

Delicate 14/20 Gold Filled Cable Chain 1.2mm 

Tigers Eye 8mm