Lotus Charm Bracelet
Lotus Charm Bracelet
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Lotus Charm Bracelet


Silver Turquoise Tibetan Focal Bead: 9-10mm x 12-14mm

White Coral: 6mm

Chrysocolla: 6mm

Silver Lotus Charm

Turquoise: Is a powerful stone used in psychic communication. It is also used in protection against negative energy, and it is also used as to dispel negative energy from within. It is also known that is turquoise is given as a gift it will secure a long lasting, loyal and strong bond of friendship.

White Coral: Is a protection stone used often among fishermen and those who spend a great deal of time at sea. Brings protection and courage to the wearer.

Chrysocolla: Connect one to the Divine Feminine and the feminine energy of oneself. Grounding and protective, this stone also connects one with nature.

Lotus: This flower is known to be remarkable for it has an ability to grow from the bottom of a pond through mud and muck, rises up to the top of the pond and blossoms into a beautiful flower. Symbolizing overcoming adversity and awakening to our true beauty.

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