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The Card Reads:

Depression and anxiety can cause major upheavals in our ability to focus on any one thing. Our minds are either completely shut off by possible medications we have been convinced we need to live a normal life, or our minds are racing with a million ideas and plans we can’t get any one thing done. Dumortierite is the one stone I wore throughout all of my undergraduate studies to help me focus. It brought me clarity of mind, productivity and even confidence. You have something to offer this world because you are experiencing a level of depth to life that not everyone experiences. Once you find your connection to a line of work, you will automatically lose yourself in it. I think that’s what will save us the most. if we are going to be lost, it might as well be in something we truly care about.


Polymer Clay Marbled Charm 

Dumortierite 8mm 

Gold Tone Lever Backs 

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