Courage - Tigers Eye - Lion
Courage - Tigers Eye - Lion
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Courage - Tigers Eye - Lion

The Card Reads:

Lions are noble and regal creatures. They are powerful, strong, and courageous. Call upon the lion when you are feel scared to step into your power. Sometimes the world does a really great job of making us feel like we have no right into stepping into our true talents and showcasing them to the world. Tigers eye will help you to make the hard decisions, to speak up for yourself, to put yourself out into the world without fear of what others may think of you. You have a unique and special light that is only yours to show, don’t let this world dim that light no matter who they are. In time, they will get used to your brightness, so keep on shining.


Polymer Clay Pendant (diameter .75 inches)

Silver Lion Charm 

Tigers Eye 8mm

Delicate Sterling Silver Cable Chain 1.2mm

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