Balance - Clear Quartz Necklace
Balance - Clear Quartz Necklace
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Balance - Clear Quartz Necklace

The Cards Reads:

I found the moments when I am in balance, is when I feel the most in control of my anxiety. It may not go away, but I feel strong enough to handle it. Eating healthy foods that balance the chemistry in your body. Getting your heart rate up through exercise will help release built up tension. Think of your body like a tank. Throughout the day you are bound to experience situations that give you anxiety, at the end of the day or at the end of a few days your tank reserve is full and it has to be released; so making sure you exercise is a great way to achieve that. This is the secret I have found to work, exercise and healthy eating.


Hand Rolled Marbled Polymer Clay Beads

Stretch Necklace 

Triangle Polymer Clay Pendant 

Clear Quartz Tumbled Pointed Gemstone 


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