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Gemstone Malas!

Sharanya Dave

Posted on August 28 2017

I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have found the practice of making gemstone malas and to be able to share them with all of you. In Spirit Shop will be launching almost 20 new gemstone malas within the coming weeks, and it has turned into a life changing creation for me. I have turned the art into a spiritual practice for myself, by incorporating nothing but constant prayers and positive energy during the process. 

This is what In Spirit Shop has become about, using spiritual practice and using it to better our lives in the most natural and holisitc way possible. I believe that we always have the answers to life's questions inside of us. Using malas as a form of meditation is a great tool in rewiring how we see ourselves, our lives and putting into perspective what's really important and what really matters: who we choose to be in this world and how we express that to others. 

With all my love and prayers,



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