What's New In The Shop?

What's New In The Shop?
We have been working a lot with blues this month! We have a few gorgeous aquamarine earrings. I love this stone, it is so soothing and calming and just a great stone to have on you to balance out emotions. Both can be found in our Calm & Peaceful Collection. 

Check out these gorgeous and bold sodalite earrings, that make a total statement piece. These are such great stones to work with when we are trying to open ourselves up to guidance, and communicating our truth. It's a perfect stone for those who need to use their voice. Found in our Perseverance Collection.
There are no many things more beautiful than  raw kyanite necklace. Wrapped in polymer clay and accented with gold leaf, this pendant is understated but with a strong presence. Kyanite is used as a energy cleanser and balancer. It activates our third eye chakras so we have more clarity and Divine guidance in our actions. Found in our Perseverance Collection.

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